InSitu - For the Widget Art Gallery I worked using an App (Matter) on my phone device - rather than a software on pc - respecting the identity of the WAG itself, in order to create a perceptive noise of the room. By transparency and deformation of the angles of the WAG interior architecture, the … Lire la suite WAG


Space Debris is proud to present a series of exhibitions in the new year with the support of Orjin Maslak, in hopes to bring forward the young talents with a fresh, dynamic approach by creating a new space for their voices to be heard. The first exhibition of the series entitled “NOISE”, taking place at … Lire la suite NOISE


GFX ERROR happens when video card starts malfunctioning and becomes unable to project the image. But does a broken image represent a fault or it's a new reality all together? Do we merely create new realities from these faults? If it's the sole truth, then what happens to those broken realities around us? Sometimes, our … Lire la suite THE WRONG


COLLOQUE INTERNATIONAL / ESAD ORLÉANS Jeudi 9 et Vendredi 10 Novembre 2017 Le colloque international « Les écologies du numérique » est organisé par l’École Supérieure d’Art et de Design d’Orléans. Il constitue l’événement inaugural des activités de l’Unité de Recherche ÉCOLAB (labellisée par le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication) spécialisée dans l’étude et … Lire la suite ECOLAB


Los Angeles Center for Digital Art LACDA INTERNATIONAL JURIED COMPETITION WINNERS Curated by Shana Nys Dambrot 8 Juin - 1 Juillet 2017 Aeneas MacRae, Amer Khwaja, Angie Piehl, Charles Hively, Chiu Hao Chen, Chris Welch, Christi Nielsen, Dascha Esselius, David Booker, David Dixon, David Jaehning, Dennis Doty, Diane Fox, Fabian Buergy, Fabrice Guyo, Florence Iff, … Lire la suite LACDA


KEIN THEMA 23 No.10 analog/digital Festival 12/13 Mai 2017 8 live acts (Electric Indigo, Dr.Nojoke...), 2 Vorträge, 37 internationale Videokünstler, Installation, 2 Veranstaltungsräume MULTI CHANNEL SURROUND SOUND MULTI VIDEO SCREENING Line up : Fr., 12. Mai 2017, 20:00 Uhr - ca 1:00 Uhr: - Konzert Area mit Videoprojektionen: VOGUE MACHINE, Denton, USA (live) ACHIM SZEPANSKI … Lire la suite KEIN THEMA 23