28th FEBRUARY until 5th MARCH, 2013

168 the corner of Bowery & Kenmare NYC


The exhibition “Cupcake” is a deployment at the size of the virtual world’s spirit, a meeting realized in the act of new artistic and digital practices, a new event where time zones do not exist any more, where the space of the screen is providence, an unveiling, an appearance of our modernity.

More than 50 artists joined together to create with similar curiosity an aesthetic truth which is given in itself.

For Cupcake, names do not have authority anymore, only the unity of contemporary allegorical research without borders, without physical territories that call us 24/7 to new customs, a fictitious game which is only anticipating the logical truth of its ideas.

A strange solidarity is born, a mutual translatability to bring to Spamm a “function” of the third millennium’s poetry, where the sublime expresses itself in the mind of the senses.

We suit no theory, no convention, for your pleasure !

* ♥`•.¸¸.•´´•:*´¨`*:•.••.¸¸. ´´¯`•♥*♥`•.¸¸.•´´•:*´¨`*:•.••.¸¸. ´´¯`•♥* ♥`•.¸¸.•´´•:*´¨`*:•.••.¸¸. ´´¯`•♥*♥

 ARTISTS ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░
Andrew Benson

Erica Lapadat-Janzen

Jefta Hoekendijk

LaTurbo Avedon

Jonas Lund

Fabien Zocco

Federico Cosci

Oz Man

Matt Troy & Tommy Chain &

Miyö Van Stenis

Benjamin Schlegel

Alex Peverett

Paul Hertz

Flavio Scutti

Erik H Rzepka

Spencer Selby

Herukael Von Hartner

Guille Plottier

Zoy Winterstein

Silke Zil Kuhar

Dominik Podsiadly

Kath Sullivan

Mathieu St-Pierre

Blvck Van

Mario Seth


Leo Weinberger

Kath Sultan Erminy

Baptiste Gourgouillon


Christian Eichelberger

Kita Ratysheva

Dafna Ganani

Jean Guillaume Le Roux

José Irion Neto

Vukasin Stancevik

Paul Wong

Organ Armani

Gérald Cometto

Devon Hatto

Hector Gabriel Serick

Georges Jacotey

Feins Liebchen

Miron Tee

Joseph Yølk Chiocchi

Pulsar Wg’lett

Thomas Cheneseau // Deep Cursor

Lauren Foley

Michaël Borras A.K.A Systaime

Ellectra Radikal

Claudia Maté

Keigo Hara

Laimonas Zakas

Rollin Leonard

Carrie Gates

Heather Marie

Lucille Calmel

Hector Llanquin

Esteban Ottaso